Available here on Etsy.
Why do you want it?
If you're looking to attach a bike radar or light to your bicycle, or you're considering extending the mount to accommodate a saddle bag, these accessories may be perfect for you.
What is it?
The products offered here are adapters and extenders available in the following variants:
- Garmin Varia RTL510 / RTL515 Radar (Regular and +20mm)
- Magene / Magicshine L508 Radar (Regular and +20mm)
- Magicshine SEEMEE 60 / 100 / 150/ 200 / 300 / DV
- Extender of the GoPro mount +40mm and +60mm (includes stainless steel hardware)
These products are printed in the USA using HP MJF machines and Nylon PA12 material. Stainless steel hardware and inserts for both Garmin and Magene radars are injection molded, with their sourcing spanning multiple countries.
Available here on Etsy.

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