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Combo Bottle Cage Mount: AirTag and Silca Tattico / Silca Gravelero Pump |

Combo Bottle Cage Mount: AirTag and Silca Tattico / Silca Gravelero Pump |

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Why do you want it?

If you insist on putting an AirTag on your bike and you carry a Silca Tattico or Silca Gravelero pump these mounts are for you. 

They help you carry carry those items on a single bottle mount without introducing unwanted flexibility that can arise from stacking multiple mounts under your bottle cage.

What is it?

These mounts are designed to be attached beneath a bottle cage. 

This version is designed to carry an AirTag and Silca Tattico or Silca Gravelero pump. It utilizes the inherent properties of 3d printed nylon to ensure a firm hold.

Pumps other than the Silca Tattico and Silca Gravelero may fit. The Tatico mount will fit pumps with 20-22mm diameter cross section and 60mm clamping area. The Gravelero mount is designed for pumps with a 24-26mm cross section with a clamping area of 60mm. Please contact me with questions about fitment for other pumps in either design.

The mount has been tested with various bottle cage designs and is intended to fit without the requirement for any additional spacers on both bikes with round tubes as well as flat back aero style tubes. To further assist with fitment, we include four 1mm nylon washers as well as 2 stainless steel m5x20mm bolts with the mount as part of your purchase. The nylon washers may be used between the frame and the mount or between the mount and the water bottle cage.

The longer bolts 20mm bolts are recommended to ensure that the mount and cage are securely fastened.

The mount is professionally printed in the USA using commercial grade HP MJF machines and Nylon PA12 material. Nylon washers and bolts may be sourced from various countries.

Note: Items are produced when ordered and have a 4-10 day lead time.

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