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SMR Stem Low-Stack Hose Guide for Hydraulic Couplers |

SMR Stem Low-Stack Hose Guide for Hydraulic Couplers |

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Why do you want it?

You are using an FSA SMR stem, you have internal cable routing, and are looking to hide a few secrets in your bike like a plug to wire a light or a pair of hydraulic quick you need a hose guide with a little more volume.

What is it?

This new hose guide system replaces the stock guides that come with FSA's widely-used SMR stem. It includes a optional 4.5mm spacer in addition to the 5.5mm adapter to allow for more flexibility regarding the placement of those couplers. Use of this spacer does increase the stack height of this system from 5.5mm to 10mm and is recommended for 90mm and 100mm stem lengths.

It also comes in two end types. Open type, is pictured below showing a 7mm gap to pass hoses and cables at the front of the guide in addition to the two side entries.

With this purchase, you get a total of 3 pieces.

This system has the following features:
1. Reduces the stack height of the existing setup from 18mm to as low as 5.5mm, which is the width of a hydraulic brake hose.
2. Maintains the capacity to accommodate 2 brake hoses and 2 shifter cables.
3. Is compatible with the commonly used FSA ACR split spacers and the FSA ACR headset system.
4. Fits on FSA ACR compatible headset dust covers.
5. Enables compatibility with a new configuration of 2 Zeno brand hydraulic quick connect couplers

This sits on top of your FSA ACR / SMR compatible dust cover. Depending on your bearing configuration additional stack reduction is possible through use of this compatible product:

Please contact me with any questions.

How is it Made?

These parts are printed in the USA on Commercial Grade HP Multi-Jet Fusion machines. Parts designed to hold preload are made using PA12GB. While this material costs over 2x more than traditional PA12 Nylon, the addition of the glass increases its strength under compression by 80% and in this application, eliminates creep. Given that SLS and MJF printed nylons are only 60%-70% of the density of the high-pressure injection-molded parts made by OEMs, this assures OEM level performance.

Stem is not included and is for photo purposes only.

Note: Items are produced when ordered and have a 4-10 day lead time.

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